Biolase Laser

Laser Bacterial Reduction:

This treatment can be done at your regular cleaning to kill 88% of all bad bacteria in your mouth.   It takes about 5 minutes to treat your whole mouth and is painless.   There are significant results for 3 months after your cleaning.   There is a 30.00 out of pocket fee that is associated with this treatment.  



This procedure is done in conjunction with a deep cleaning.   This treatment removes necrotic tissue in the pocket around the tooth and stimulates healthy tissue regrowth.


Laser Whitening:

Doctor uses the laser to activate a whitening agent and within a 30 min treatment you could be shades whiter. Benefits include less sensitivity that other whitening products.


TMJ Therapy:

The laser is used as a deep tissue muscle relaxation therapy.   The laser penetrates deep into the irritated muscle to decrease inflammation and encourage healing.   A bite guard may also be recommended to help future flare ups.